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Web Development

Web Development

Having a successful and effective web presence is about so much more than just the look and feel of a website. Understanding what your customers need from your site and how they would like to interact with it is one part of the puzzle; but just as important is understanding how the site will be maintained internally.

We place equal emphasis on understanding your user model and ensuring that the relevant staff throughout your organisation can be empowered to manage and maintain the site on an ongoing basis. All too often we encounter businesses that are reliant on one or two members of staff to be able to update their websites. This usually results in delays adding new content and sites quickly becoming under-utilised.

We specialise in delivering search engine friendly, content-managed web applications that can be maintained in a web browser with minimal training for your staff. Such websites might include:

If you're about to embark on a web project, contact us today to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help.

Web Infrastructure

We have unparalleled experience in designing and building high-capacity web infrastructures capable of dealing with enormous loads. As the web becomes more video-heavy and applications more feature-rich, your ability to deliver content to your end-users quickly and reliably becomes more critical. Under-estimating your requirements can lead to poorly performing sites that mean you lose out on revenue opportunities.

We can work with you to understand the amount and type of traffic you expect to generate and calculate the peak loads you are likely to experience. From here we can help optimise your content and site design and implement systems capable of dealing with those loads, incorporating sophisticated backup and failover mechanisms to help deal with the unforseen.